the Edge Community Garden

Help Grow The Edge Community Garden

Northwest Church – Edgewood supports a community garden to serve the local community in need of fresh organic food. You can help grow The Edge Community Garden by sharing your time, talent, and treasure.

  • Contact our project manager Kile Rury if you’d like to help or have questions.  We need volunteers to help plan, plant, water, pick, and distribute food. No church affiliation is required to volunteer or receive food. 
  • Join our Facebook group to learn about upcoming events and for when produce is available.
  • Volunteer to water when and as often as it works for you.
  • You can give a tax deductible gift. Comment: Community Garden.

Who We Are

The Edge Community Garden is a collection of volunteers here to serve the community near Edgewood, Fife, and Milton. We give back to our community by sharing our time, talent, and treasures. Some volunteers help grow plant starts indoors to give us a jump start and save money, others help plant, water or pick.

No church affiliation or attendance is required to volunteer or to receive.

What We Do

We primarily grow varieties of lettuce, kale, swiss chard, spinach, strawberries, cucumbers, beans, peas, carrots, onions, bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, beets, pie pumpkin, peppers, and tomatoes, that people would regularly use for healthy meals.

As a demonstration garden, we want to encourage community members to grow their own gardens and share from their abundance, to help even more people.

What's Different

One of the easiest and most productive ways to do a community garden is to plant vertically. It also helps conserve on precious water resources compared to other methods. We started our garden through grants and prize winnings to use GreenStalk Vertical Planters. 

Want Your Own GreenStalk Vertical Planter?

Use our referral URL  to receive $10 off your first order of $75+ and The Edge Community Garden will receive $10 store credit.

GreenStalk Gardens is a family owned business and have been very generous with grants and prize awards, which have allowed us to expand the community garden.

If you have questions about GreenStalk Vertical Planters,  please contact Kile Rury.

Showing Off Our Garden

What We Are Growing

Thanks to our Sponsors

  • Greenstalk Gardens for a major discount on a bulk order of their Greenstalk vertical gardens and photo prize award.
  • Edgewood Nursery & Gardens for a discount on potting soil.
  • Pops Flowers for a donation of dahlias to beautify our garden.
  • Archterra Landscape for rebuilding our retaining wall to give us even more space to plant. 
  • Northwest Church – Edgewood for hosting the garden and major funding.