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Welcome to Northwest Church - Edgewood

Northwest Church – Edgewood is a community of people who are passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. We believe that through God’s grace, every individual can find hope and freedom through Jesus. No matter your background, what you wear, or church experience you will be welcomed and loved. Our services include contemporary worship, along with relevant, biblically based teaching.

This church was founded by  Pastor Daryl Eidinger (now the mayor of Edgewood) as Hope Foursquare Church, who later turned over the keys to Pastor Tomm Gordon and the name changed to The Edge Foursquare Church. Pastor Tomm passed away due to cancer January 2020 and we were fortunate to be adopted by Northwest Foursquare Church as one of their congregations and Pastor Jonathan Westfall became the congregational pastor of Northwest Church - Edgewood.

See the letter below to understand our relationship as a congregation of Northwest Foursquare Church.

ONE church in THREE congregations 

Letter from Northwest Church Lead Pastor Ben Dixon
Something that I believe the Lord has communicated to me is that I am  supposed to multiply Northwest Church into many congregations. Our vision is not to grow up and become the largest mega-church but to broaden our shoulders and send people out to plant more churches who will do more ministries in more places.

Some call this a “congregational model.”  We will be ONE church in THREE congregations.  We have our Federal Way congregation (main), our Hispanic congregation and our Edgewood congregation.  One of the primary keys and distinctions for this model is that each has their own congregational pastor (just like a Lead Pastor).
Lead Pastor Ben Dixon
Northwest Church