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Jonathan Westfall

Congregation Pastor

Jonathan served at Northwest Church for several years in many ways until he became the Worship Pastor in 2010.  Since then, Jonathan has been primarily responsible to foster a community of worshipers through building and leading worship teams alongside Pastor Steve Schell and now Pastor Ben Dixon.  Jonathan is a graduate of Life Ministry Institute with an associate degree in Biblical Studies (2008), and Life Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree in Ministry and Leadership (2010).

Jonathan has been married for to Kellie for 17 years. Kellie is an administrator, organizer, and strategist with a huge heart for helping people find wholeness in Jesus. Together, Jonathan and Kellie have hosted and led small groups in their home, walked with young couples through pre-marriage counseling, led a young families ministry, and been on two international mission trips. They have four girls, Ariella, Emmaline, Adalynn, and Annabelle. The girls love music, dancing, performing, matching dresses and Mac-n-cheese.

Meet the Team

Jamie Salcedo

Children’s  Pastor

Seth  Goodwin

Worship & Tech Leader

Patti Matt

Hospitality Leader

Linda Cope

Tim Drab 

Prayer Leader
Security Leader